Plan Your Path Sweatshirt


 Wrap Yourself in Inspiration: Plan Your Path, Wear Your Goals

In a world of constant change and endless possibilities, having a clear plan for our life path empowers us to make informed decisions, stay focused on our goals, and live a more organized, purposeful, and fulfilling life. Spread this message with the "Plan Your Path" sweatshirt! 

Available in cement, pigment plum, pigment sage, pigment slate blue.

80/20 ring-spun cotton/polyester blend 

Classic fit

Please note: The pigment-dyeing process gives each garment unique character. Please allow for color variation in production and washing.

Care Instructions: Due to the nature of pigment dye, loose pigments may remain on the surface of the garments. We therefore strongly recommend washing these garments only with like-colored garments, as some of the pigment dyes may stain light or white colored garments in the wash cycle.  Washing the garments in cold water will reduce the possibility of staining.