Welcome to the PlanBold Community! This is the very first blog post from PlanBold, and we are so excited! This blog will provide tips and tricks on how we use the PlanBold Planner and other PlanBold products, as well as organization tips and behind the scenes details into our company. But today, we wanted to start with providing more details around the design of our Classic 2023 PlanBold Planner. Let's get into it!

We launched our first PlanBold Planner in 2022. This was a very exciting time for us, but we also had so much to learn! With the experience of our 2022 launch, we were able to design and provide a better product for all of you in 2023.

Our first focus was the durability of the product. As much as we loved the look and feel of the soft touch laminate cover of our 2022 planner, it was very difficult to keep clean and was also heavy. So the first thing we got to work on was changing to a sturdy laminate cover. This cover is easy to wipe off and keep clean, and the weight of the planner is so much lighter. 

The next thing we knew needed to go was the double wire O coil.  This coil was not durable enough, and we wanted to be sure to fix this problem for 2023. We decided to switch to a metal spiral coil for the 2023 edition, and we are in love with it!   This spiral allows you to flip through your planner easily and there is no risk of the planner falling apart.  It was a great change! 

Lastly, we changed the paper weight from 70# to 80# to provide less bleed through and smoother writing. 

As for the design and layout of the planner, we made minimal changes to our 2023 edition. We received  a bunch of great feedback on our layout in 2022, which was so exciting. We're convinced we hit a homerun as far as the design and layout go, so no major changes were made there.  We did implement a few small changes such i) using a darker accent color to make the font easier to read, ii) adding more space to log meals, and iii) adding lines in the notes section to keep things more tidy.  

Overall, we designed this layout to provide space for you to plan and keep track of all parts of your busy life, while also keeping your health at the forefront of your mind. We are passionate about helping others find balance in their lives, and having a plan is so beneficial to making that a reality.

Plan with Confidence,

Carmen & Cheryl